Octane Multimedia Film Production Page

"The success of a production
depends on the attention
paid to detail."

David O. Selznick

Octane Multimedia Studios is our in-house studio that helps to develop, finance and create high-quality, marketable films that meet today’s consumer demands.

With production offices in both Arizona and Tennessee along with a fully-fledged Virtual Production Soundstage, Octane Multimedia is one of the largest independent film studios in the country with a global clientele of major and independent filmmakers.

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Pre-Production Services

A successful picture starts with thorough pre-production.

Our team of seasoned filmmakers know that planning is everything, and we’ve garnered our reputation as one of the best independent film production companies by paying close attention to every detail and working with producers to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Our pre-production services include things like:

Script Breakdown
Location Scouting
Crew Hire
Shoot Scheduling

Filming services

Octane Multimedia is a full-service film production company that has the tools and capabilities to produce high-end, theater quality productions to fit all kinds of budgets.

We offer full-service video production and video editing services,

so whether you’re looking to revive a previous project or create and execute from scratch, Octane Multimedia has you covered from script to screen.

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Sound Stage Dimensions

  • 32ft x30ft (960 sq ft) with L Shaped Cyclorama 24ft x 16ft x 12/16 ft Light Grid
  • 16ft Light Grid w/ Drapes on a track
  • 14ft Roll-Up door

One of the jewels in the Octane Multimedia crown is our cutting edge, all-in-one virtual sound stage studio.

Our virtual studio enables us to seamlessly integrate real and virtual 3D environments in real-time, allowing talent to interact with their virtual surroundings, bringing our productions to life and elevating Octane Multimedia from other film production companies and cementing our reputation as one of the best independent film production companies in the United States.

Post-Production Services

Many directors and producers can find themselves too involved in a project after months of filming to effectively post-produce.

Octane Multimedia offers a world-class post production service that provides a fresh set of eyes,

offering an impartial view to the creative process to make sure your project reaches its visual and commercial potential.

Our teams are experts in bringing a story to life through post-production.

From editing to coloring, sound design to VFX, the Octane Multimedia post-production teams have the experience and creativity to produce world class results that are proven to deliver ROI.

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Film Production Consulting Services

With decades of experience across all aspects of the film and TV industries, Octane Multimedia has developed a reputation as a leading film consulting service.

Specializing in pre-to-post production, financial analysis, sales estimates, script reviews and casting,

Octane Multimedia offers expert advice and strategic planning to filmmakers around the world.

With our film consulting services, we support projects from development through to distribution, providing strategic consultation and expert production services along the way.


At Octane Multimedia, we’re not just experts in film production,

but also in securing film financing and finishing funds for film and TV projects that we feel have a commercial appeal and a clear, identifiable audience.

Here are some of the ways we can help finance your picture:

  • Identifying independent investors
  • Securing interested investors through budgeting and pitch consultation
  • Pre-sale advances from overseas sales
  • Providing finishing funds for pick-up shots and post-production expenses

If you would like to discuss funding for your project or you are an investor looking for a commercially viable project to invest in, please contact us below.

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Let’s talk about your project

We’re growing by the day and are always interested in talking with filmmakers about projects and ideas.

If you have a question about our services, an idea you want to pitch or are interested in working with Octane Multimedia, we’d love to hear from you. Simply fill out the form below and one of our team will be in touch.