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Just your Friendly,
International film
sales company

That's why we personally distribute our releases to the biggest channels, theaters and platforms, globally.

Our personal relationships with film buyers expands all around the world, giving your film the best possible platform to generate maximum exposure and revenue.

Film buyers all around the world

Our sales team has one goal and one goal only. To sell your Film and TV content to interested buyers around the world.

We use our relationships with real, human buyers to help both major and independent filmmakers get their Film and TV content discovered and to ultimately generate revenue streams in new territories, making Octane Multimedia one of the most successful indie film sales companies in the world.

Why Sell with Octane Multimedia?

Global Reach

Octane Multimedia has a personal relationship with a trusted community of buyers around the globe. We help our clients reach new audiences in core, emerging and niche markets.

Access To The Biggest & Best Buyers

Whether it's Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Canal+, Lionsgate or our favorite new niche European horror VOD channel, our team has the experience and contacts to place your film with the biggest buyers that will drive the most revenue.

No Out of Pocket

We know how much it costs to make films, thus OMM has no out-of-pocket to its producers in order to only ever see revenue.


How we work - Upload Your Film

Upload Your Film

Our dedicated team of sales experts will review and determine if it’s something we feel we can sell.

How we work - Start Selling

You onboard & start selling

Octane Multimedia works with you to get all of the necessary deliverables over to us in order to begin taking your film to buyers.

How we work - Generate Revenue

Generate Revenue

Octane Multimedia sends reports quarterly which will detail exactly how much your film has made, and how much you will be receiving.


Case Studies

Octane Multimedia has established itself as one of the best independent film distribution companies and film sales agencies in the country. But don’t just take our word for it, see what we’ve achieved for some of our clients.

Film #1: Horror Film

Non Theatrical Title Made for Micro Budget

Film 1 Film 1

Title made for $30,000

Grossed $610,000

ROI of 1,900%

Film #2: Action Film

A Low Budget Indie with Exclusive Theatrical Release (15 Screens)

Film 1 Film 1

Title made for $1M

Grossed $3.7M

ROI of 270%

Film #3: Sci-Fi Film

Medium Budget Indie with Limited Theatrical Run (400 Screens)

Film 1 Film 1

Title made for $3M

Grossed $9.2M

ROI of 206%

I’ve worked with Galen and the team at Octane Multimedia on a few projects now and could not be any happier. He and his team are very hard-working and their his honesty is a breath of fresh air. What they have been ble to accomplish for me has been remarkable. I could not imagine using anyone else.

Ryan C. - Producer of White Space
Ryan C. Producer of White Space

Galen and his team are amazing. They are one of the most honest and aggressive distributors / agencies I’ve ever worked with. They fight for you to make sure your film is treated as well as you would treat it. THEY GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT!

Ryan B. - Director of Gremlin & Jurassic Pet
Ryan B. Director of Gremlin & Jurassic Pet

My experience with HOP has truly been a dream come true. I’ve worked with them for years now and can’t imagine a world without them. Galen has been an incredible resource and support for me, my films and my career. With HOP I feel safe knowing I can trust them with everything I create and that they will always deliver on what they say. They’ve done everything I’ve ever asked for and more!

Charlie S.  - Director of Labyrinthia & Cannibal Farm
Charlie S. Director of Labyrinthia & Cannibal Farm

Octane Multimedia is a blessing to indie filmmakers. If they're talking to you, you've done something really, really right.

Tom G. - Director of America has Fallen
TOM G. Director of America has Fallen

Galen and his team at Octane Multimedia are one of the rare few honest, fully transparent, knowledgeable Sales Agencies working in the industry today. Every strategy is backed by concrete data they’ve collected from years of experience giving the filmmaker the reassurance they need knowing how well their film will perform. Truly the best working today.

JON K. Producer

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